XREF400 - A cross-reference system AS400 / iSeries


This utility has the purpose to collect and produce cross reference information about what ever objects stored in an AS400 system.

The information forms a database where you with a few keystrokes can get the answers to both easy and difficult questions.            

The program is built in an intuitive waywhere a response can easily be followed up with a new question.

Using this information, you can answer questions like:
What program calls a particular program?
What files are not used by any application?
What program uses a specific dataarea?
* How many duplicates of a program or file on the system, where located, and when they were last used?                                    

Productivity increases significantly when using XREF400.
This is due to very quickly find what you are looking for.Programmerssystems analystsconsultants and others, can be sure not to miss any undocumented programsfiles or other objects while investigating changes in a system.

It is possible to conduct searches in XREF400 database using QuerySQL or other tools.
It is possible to use existing facilities as DBU YWRKF and other, using the enclosed shell for a user program.

There are shortcuts from the screens in XREF400 to continue using the AS400 commandssuch as direct-jump to the source to a program or object.

XREF400 use files created with AS400's own commandsNew releases on the AS400 is not a problem.

XREF400 created in 1989 on a System/38 and converted to AS400 1990th.

XREF400 were used in the Y2K conversion of Baxter Medical(Nordic) and Baxter Healthcare (Italy).